Privacy Policy

Nefarious Jobs conducts pranks for the purpose of entertainment for the amusement of our clients and their friends alike. Our actions on behalf of our clients are taken with the understanding that it is the responsibility of the client to advise the subject that the pranks have taken place; as such all actions taken by nefarious jobs are for the purpose of amusement and the sole responsibility of the client to divulge. Nefarious jobs in no way conducts hacking, phishing, or any other illegal acts during the commission of our investigations (which we perform for the purpose of adding realism to the pranks). No illegal, defamatory, or illicit actions are expressed or implied in our questionnaires or action activities profiles which we use to gain information on our clients subjects. Any listed whistleblower activities which we may feel compelled to report to authorities that we uncover during the course of our investigations are reported as a civic duty and for the common good. We do not under any circumstances have any communications with the subject(s) of our pranks, nor do we communicate our activities with anyone regarding cases past, present, or prospective.

We require that our clients abide strictly to our security and confidentiality clause listed below.

All cases past and present are to be kept in the strictest confidence. Law enforcement and federal authorities are not permitted to engage our services without the express written consent of our company CEO. News and media personnel are not permitted any access to client information, services, or information. For a public statement regarding our activities please email us directly. Clients discovered to be in the employ or in communication with media personnel will have their cases immediately closed without refund. We perform no services on public figures, politicians, government employees, court officers, or law enforcement personnel. Attempting to do so will be seen as an immediate breach of these terms.

We may offer password retrieval services for persons who have a legal right to access those accounts. By enlisting this service you certify that you have a legal right to access any account to which you are requesting retrieval services. In addition we will not perform data retrieval services on any federal or state institution. We also will not perform retrieval services on any company which requires a security clearance in any position in that company. This includes overseas firms or any company with current, past, or projected future contracts with the US state department, Department of Defense, United States Military or any United States intelligence agency. Any attempts to secure such information will result in your case being referred to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Homeland Security.

Certain civilian organizations such as Police unions, ASIS, and others are also exempt from our services.

For services, we demand that a client speak to NO ONE about their pending or current case(s). Doing so will only put your case in jeopardy of discovery, and break the terms of service of your order. Advisement of the subject of the prank does not break the confidentiality clause by the client, but will never be done by nefarious jobs.

All purchases from Nefarious Jobs are considered final. Should you encounter a problem with your order or issue with your services we ask that you contact us directly via email so your case can be immediately reviewed by our audit team. If you are displeased with the outcome of you service we are more than happy to assist you with finding resolution, however we ask that you be aware that you will receive all services which we have promised, but we cannot promise the outcome which you may be seeking. CONTACT WITH ANY THIRD PARTY REGARDING OUR SERVICES NOT CLEARED BY NEFARIOUS JOBS WILL RESULT IN AN IMMEDIATE TERMINATION OF SERVICES WITHOUT REFUND and possible fines for reinstitution of our confidentiality agreement. We demand that you do nothing to break your confidentiality clause, as doing so frees both nefarious jobs and you the client from its protections.