Indecent Exposure

Need a good laugh at someone elses expense?

Know a good secret about someone else’s proclivaties?

Suspect something you just cant quite put your finger on?

There are so many things that can be done with this package, the boys in the special services department here love this one.

How about making sure that everyone at their work believes that they have marital relations with goats?
Perhaps an amputee fetish or a lust for 90 year old women.

In short, in no time we will have the water cooler boiling with talk of this persons odd fetishes.

Also be sure to check out our options package which will include photo alteration and a website!
We love it when people buy this package, because we get to laugh as hard as their co-workers, friends, and families will.

I’m sorry we cannot go into more detail regarding this service, but use your imagination. We will contact you with a questionaire and details once purchase has been made.

As always, it can never be traced back to you!


Please email us for details at

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