I had an ex who was making my life awful and bad mouthing me to all of my friends and co-workers. Aaron turned the tables on him and before I knew it he was begging me to get whoever I hired to stop! He didn’t know it was me but he suspected. So I suggested he send emails to everyone he had slandered me to, retracting his statements. He posted a retraction to facebook and I emailed the team with my thanks and told them they end the operation.

The reputation shredder was fast, efficient, and vicious. I was laughing for weeks!


I got screwed out of a 2 million dollar deal by my company who fired me just before I closed the deal. I contacted nefarious jobs immediately and they killed the deal before it closed, I didn’t ask how, but I managed to steal the deal back and get my own company started with the proceeds.

The best 10k ever spent. Thanks Nefarious, I wouldn’t want to be on your bad side!


I was heartbroken, my husband of 11 years left me and our children for a younger woman. I got the works package, and John and the team conducted a very thorough background investigation on the Bitch who took him. They found that she had 3 other men on the side and provided video evidence and then sent it to him anonymously. He broke it off and now we are trying to put our lives back together – they are the absolute best!