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Nefarious Jobs is a Revenge for hire service which specializes in making the lives of your enemies pure hell.

We currently employ over 100 contract computer scientists in foreign countries who are highly sought after experts in computer security and ethical hacking. However the pay in these countries is substandard so they supplement their incomes by working for us.

Our special services department personnel are experts in making the lives of your enemies miserable. We have a wide range of services and packages to choose from, and can offer more if you find a package which doesn’t quite have the flavor of revenge you are seeking.

When you care enough to send the very best to your enemies; send us, and just sit back and watch as their world crumbles around them!

At all times you can be assured that your personal information will NEVER be sold, used for advertising purposes, or divulged in any way. Once your assignment has been successfully cleared, we delete your account and all records of the transaction. You cannot be asked to give records over, if you don’t keep any!

No one really wants to be a bad guy,but there are times when you have been abused and mistreated to the point where you have to take a stand and fight back. Many people do it the stupid way when backed into a corner, with a direct confrontation. The smart ones use us, and destroy their enemies without ever being seen or noticed. Unfortunately many others take on the “nail” persona, everyday being beaten by the hammer, down, down, down, until there is nothing left of them.

Let us be the anvil that breaks the hammer that is crushing you.

Contact us today at nefariousjobs@inbox.com and let’s get to work!

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Proper revenge takes planning, timing, and strategy. However the one thing it requires above even these traits is creativity. With lots of practice, trial and error, as well as picking agents with a gift for this type of work, nefarious jobs boasts some of the most creative minds all of whom have a gift for intrigue and vengence.


John is fond of saying that our team members are like groin trained pit bulls. The lock onto someone and shake until there is nothing left. Our teams like nothing better than to leave a mile of scorched earth in their wake. Our teams are constantly trying to “one up” each other so that they can be assigned the bigger and better paying cases.


It is actually embarrassing how much money we devote to making sure that both we and our clients stay completely anonymous. We go to great lengths to insure that no-one ever knows that our clients commissioned our services and that we will never under any circumstances divulge our clients names or acknowledge any connection what so ever. The only one in the company with access to client information is our oversight director.



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